Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gardner's gone

Lucy and I took Gardner to the airpoirt yesterday. He's in San Diego and we are here in Texas with our dogs, Smokey and Bandit, and prakeet, Sunshine. I will prune vines today in windy and warm, 80 degree weather, while the reality of gardner's absence takes hold. My goal is to keep as busy as possible so the time goes by faster while he's gone.
My to do list:

1. Plant seeds in the greenhouse for a spring garden.

2. Find a place for Lucy to ride horses or lessons.

3. Work on the vines, that's a given.

4. Become friends with the lady at the feed store, she was really nice and has horses.

5. Make felt cookies, pizza, sandwiche stuff for Lucy's kitchen.

6. TRUST in the unschooling process and learn to back off from "teaching"

This is all to do until the new buyer comes along and we move to San Diego, then I will do these things there with all my wonderful SoCal friends.

Jen, I'm so glad you found a buyer! I'll try the St. Joseph thing, I'll try anything right now!!!!!


lola coca-cola said...

That St Joseph thing worked for another friend, too!

Jen said...

Keep yourself busy! We have a little package we're going to send your way :)

Trusting in the unschooling process is HARD but people have gone before us and have been successful at it (that's what I keep telling myself to keep going!!)

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